National Summer Games
BERN 29.5 - 1.6.2014

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CandidatureCan coaches only apply exact the number of athletes as the quota indicates?Coaches can apply as many athletes as they like. Once a coach is selected, he/she can then select the given number of athletes from the entire list of candidates.

Advise: Coaches should apply more athletes as the given numbers. By doing so, they can use the extra number of athletes if they have to replace one after selection.

CandidatureCan an athlete’s application be submitted without a coach?Yes, athletes have the possibility to submit their application without a coach. All athletes whose documents are complete will be listed on the candidate list and the coaches must select the athletes from this list.17.03.2022
CandidatureDo you tend to receive too many or too few applications from coaches?Both can be the case. It also depends on the sport. Usually only few sports have a lot of applicants.17.03.2022
CandidatureDo coaches who are themselves the institutional/club manager or self-employed also need to submit a confirmation?No, in such cases the confirmation is not required.17.03.2022
CandidatureMay athletes with multiple disabilities also apply?Yes, they can apply. They should mention it in the comments.17.03.2022
CandidatureDoes the first come first served system apply to applications?No, all applicants who submit the forms in time will be considered equally.17.03.2022
CandidatureWe already know an absence for an event. Can the application still be sent?The application can be sent, please note accordingly in the remark section which event cannot be attended and for what reason.17.03.2022
CandidatureDoes every coach of a group have to submit the application of his athletes?No, but please mention the names of the athletes in the comments field.30.03.2022
CandidatureWhere can I find the presentation of the information session?All documents of the information event can be found here:

German: Team Switzerland 2023 – Informationsveranstaltungen
French: Team Switzerland 2023 – Séances d’information
Italian: Team Switzerland 2023 – Eventi informativi

CandidatureHow do I know if I am a sports coach or not?You must have the certificate. The requirements to be certified as a Sport Coach in a sport are described in the document Definition Sport Coach. The Sport Coach certificate can be obtained by a coach through an application for recognition as a Sport Coach by Special Olympics.11.04.2022
SelectionWouldn’t it be possible to submit the list of candidates before the National Games, so that the coaches could already get to know the athletes during the Games?No, the list of candidates will be given directly to the selected coaches only after the coaches have been selected and will not be published publicly.17.03.2022
SelectionDo the coaches have guidelines for the selection of the athletes?The coaches have a free hand, the Commission Sport is only responsible for the selection of the coaches. The only guideline is that they may only select athletes from the candidate list.17.03.2022
SelectionAre the selected coaches of team sports allowed to select their athletes together and combine their teams?Yes, the coaches are free to choose the composition of the team. However, all athletes must be on the list of candidates.17.03.2022
Program / Road to BerlinHow much effort is it for coaches to be a member of the Team Switzerland?The effort includes the preparation for the Games and the duration during the Games itself. In addition, there is the closing event (1 day). Included in the preparation are the coaches meeting in Ittigen (1 day), the delegation meeting in Lausanne (3 days), the delegation camp in Tenero (4 days), six to eight webinars in the evenings (1-1.5h each), an internal sports meeting (1 day) and an inter-sport regional meeting (1 day). In addition, there are the individual training sessions of the athletes.17.03.2022
Program / Road to BerlinWill horses be provided at the delegation camp in Tenero?Yes, we are in contact with a stable where the riding trainings can be done.17.03.2022
Program / Road to BerlinWho decides in which category the athletes start?The coaches themselves decide in which categories the selected athletes will compete.17.03.2022
Program / Road to BerlinWhat are the funding options for coaches?The sports groups can set up financial actions such as cake sales, brunch, etc. or use Fan4You. All activities within the time of Team Switzerland 2023 (July 25, 2022 until September 23, 2023) are paid out 50:50 to the sports group. Inquiries to foundations, cantons and municipalities are made by SOSWI.17.03.2022